Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I still feel like a Hero

Which I guess is the entire reason Branwen's been staying close to me ever since Taben's weird ass comment.
Getting seriously threatened with being cannibalized is probably enough to do that to most people.
Casey said she's also a fierce cat, and the Tiger's going to have to battle the Lioness.

And now we're all happyhappy pretend that comment was never made because it was fucking scary. We're at a rest stop. I just chased a butterfly for about half an hour after waking up from a nap. I forgot that if I'm Alex I'll be Todd and if I'm Todd I'll be Alex. (It is really weird living with a whole other identity, do not let my calmness fool you.)
I think Todd was giving them all traveling strategies. He also did that before we left. We went farther north from Aiden's, and then west. We might go south now. I was told not to give specific locations.

Did you ever know what stupid fun it is chasing a butterfly?

What the hell am I supposed to be talking about?


It was scary. It was me and Aiden and Malkin and Chastin. We were walking through the forest. Aiden was being really serious but also spazzy, Malkin was doting over Chas and Chas was complaining about it and sometimes Aiden would be like, "Holy fuck guys shut up."

I was kind of on my own in a way. I was trying to concentrate and relax at the same time. I kept harassing Todd, which really really really hurts my head but I needed to ask him what to do. All I know is that I can sort of hear telepathically and that's only sometimes. So I tried to just focus on that. It could be important and really useful.

Next thing I know, a string of, "fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckgoddammitwhatthehellTabenfuckwheredidyouputhim" went flying through my mind. It was not my mental voice. Nor was it Todd's faux British.

A glance to my right, and Aiden was pushing the underbrush angrily, chewing his lip, tentacles threatening to flail out.

"Good thing there aren't any kiddies around," I thought.

"Shut the fuck up!" Aiden's voice shot back through my head. I stopped. And then he stopped walking because I stopped walking. We looked at each other for a few seconds before he said, "Was that you?"

And I replied, "Uhm...I think so. Did it sound like someone being a smartass?"


"Then it was me," I smirked. Aiden laughed a little.

"Gods. I'm sorry I yelled at you. It's just...I'm so..."

"I know, I was trying to practice and just seeing if it worked and I guess it does."

"Good. See if you can 'hear' anyone else," he said, going back to tromping through the weeds.

I must have calmed him down a bit, because there was much less of a threatening aura around him. That is until we heard the screams. You didn't need to be a telepath to hear that.

And then the tentacles weren't threatening to come back out. They did. Aiden was moving through the forest as fast as he could on them. And that reminded me...

A proxy, or the specific kind Todd was...Agent? Yeah, that's it. An Agent has several methods of moving through the world the way Slenderman does. The Path is one of them. The other is parallel walking, which is done by stepping into a dimension just outside of reality so that you may move through space without being seen. It's also a lot quicker, but it hurts ordinary humans. That's how Todd and Ja...uhm...Rat and Crow moved.
I imagine other types of proxies can do the same thing, but possibly less deliberately. I don't know. The mechanics of all of this stuff will never make sense to me.

Anyways, parallel walking sounds easy enough until you actually try to do it. It's like something you can't think about. You just do it.

Which I guess is how I ended up actually doing it.

All I know is that I had to get to Brennon and I needed to move as fast as Aiden. I think I ended up going too fast. I was just focusing on moving to the forest that was farther ahead of me, like teleporting to move quicker.

Aiden sounded like he was behind me. And in front of me was growling. And screaming. All I had with me was a baseball bat. So I ran out of the forest into a clearing and well...

I didn't get to see much action. I ran out holding my bat and I guess all I did was startle Taben because he shrieked and ran off. Brennon was tied to a tree naked, a fire burning beneath him.

"He's in this clearing! He's alive! Help me get him down!" I shouted in my head.

Soon enough, Aiden, Malkin, and Chastin were all there. I managed to put out most of the fire. We got Brennon down and got him to a hospital.

And that is the story of me being awesome. It basically means I can use my super powers now. If I think they're super powers, they're less scary.

Ohp...gotta. Casey says if we want to get to the next in time, we better leave now.

Next time you hear from any of us, let's hope it's a good thing.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Eagle

So...if you've seen this or this you've seen that Taben's kidnapped Brennon. And...I don't like to think about what's going to happen if we don't find him because it'll remind me of what happened to Lance and it's so disgusting and awful...

I've already tried to look around the house and the surrounding woods. And I had about as much luck with it as everyone else.

So I took a nap, to see if Todd could figure it out. He couldn't and decided to toss the task back to me. What an ass...

...I'm going with Aiden. I'm going to go help. This is my chance to do something, and damn it I'm going to learn to do SOMETHING. Nobody else is dying.

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I've never told everyone the whole thing did I? How it all started. At least I didn't say here.

It wasn't that long ago. Maybe only a year and a half...two years ago...I think. Not as long as Todd thinks. Of course, Todd also thinks we're supposed to be British, and that's why he sounds the way he does. I hate to break it to him, but I'm a Euro mutt like most other Caucasians in this country. And I'm not from Britain. I'm from fucking Montana.

And that sort of explains why this happened. Sort of.

There's nothing to do in rural Montana, you see.

Jared, Lance, and I...we saw this thing on the internet, like most of you people. We thought it was cool. We used to pretend it was all really happening, you know...freak each other out. We didn't think anything would actually happen. Lance was probably the first to realize we were wrong.

He started acting weird about a month in. At first we thought that maybe he was just getting a little more into it than either of us. And then I saw all of his notebooks and everything he'd been doing in his free time. He said he was being stalked by the faceless guy, that he had these awful nightmares and that he'd see him outside his window. I didn't believe him, but I didn't fully doubt him either. And that doubt led to me seeing...Him. It.


As it turned out, Jared had always secretly believed as well. I should have known at that point what would happen to my friends.

Jared was always more outgoing than us. He was more the athlete, the leader type. I was just an average kid. Lance was shy. His insecurity made his sanity slip. But he opened up to me. We were best friends. As long as we were together, he was okay. Jared was kind of arrogant. And he started being more...bossy.
Me...I was just scared. I wanted to protect Lance, and I obeyed Jared to prevent him from doing anything brash. I was trying to hold everyone together and I guess...I guess that's why I feel like me and Branwen...we're a lot alike. Brother and sister, almost.

There was a night when the Thing came to us. It said that if we served It, It would end our torment. It told Jared he could be more powerful. Lance was promised sanity and peace of mind. I was told I could save others. I didn't believe It.

Come to think of it, I'm not entirely sure it was It...Thing. But to me it doesn't make a difference. Slenderman in all its forms is dark. Bad. And I don't trust any of Them.

We did it anyway.

In that Sammi's dream...which I think...I might have been telling her...we were walking across the field to the forest that It/Thing/He specified. I was talking to Lance, telling him it'd be okay. Jared was trying to get us to hurry up. We got to the edge. Everything went red and black. I remember Jared laughing and Lance screaming in pain. And then I was out.

I woke up to an odd name being called. It wasn't my name, but I knew I was supposed to respond to it...somehow. When I was fully conscious, I realized my friends weren't my friends anymore. They were different people. I was supposed to be different as well. And I think something in the back of my mind told me I would collapse eventually. So I assumed a new identity to cover for my real one. And then I became that person.

I would then be named Fox. At some point upon meeting Branwen, I must have questioned what I was really doing. Something about interacting with her and her crew triggered my real identity.

And then I switched sides and I was called Todd.

And now...I'm Alexander again. Just...Alex. Alone.

Jared's arrogance is more than likely what got him killed.

And Lance...god...I wanted to save him and try to bring him back was probably too late...I just hope Taben didn't make him suffer long.

That's my story. Our story. I need to go to bed so Todd can get up and cover our ass if we get attacked.

...good night. Stay safe, everyone.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4 is Synonomous with Death in China

I'm not cut out for this.

I can't learn anything.

I can't do what Todd does...this other half of me. I'm just Alexander. I like playing video games and singing loudly in the car and catching fireflies and dancing like an idiot and almost nothing Todd likes to do. I am Alexander. I'm a math nerd and a band geek. I play with trading cards and I play with fire, warnings be damned. I used to make potato guns with Lance. I don't even know how long ago that was but I think...I think it was just a year and a half ago...

I'm just...Alex.

I can't teleport or read minds, except sometimes I can hear Taben and I guess Aiden can hear me. I don't have his freaky Eldritch monster powers.

And I wish...I wish I did right now. There wouldn't be...

There were so many bodies and I could have helped stop it but no. No. I'm just Alex right now and Todd is asleep.

And poor Branwen. I think she's my best friend. She was there when I woke up and she helped me and we talk a lot. Her party was so fun...she has good friends.

I miss my friends...

Friday, June 17, 2011


I remember once hearing a story while I was staying with Branwen all those weeks ago. Her television was on. It was a story of a woman whose house was overrun with Rat rats.

They simply could not get rid of him them. They had to leave.

I couldn't get him off of me. So I left.

I believe...I believe he was supposed to strip me of my status. And also to reduce me back to Alexander. All he really managed to do was wake Alex up. Which, in itself, has caused plenty of confusion for both of us. I woke up as me today, as the pattern dictates and as I should. I think I've re-established my connection to Aiden. Now to learn to walk again.

Alex and I are the same person, and therefore should be able to do the same things. Theoretically...I would think. I don't have time to teach him how, and trying to talk to him while he's awake is tiresome for me and painful for him. Either I'm going to have to write him a lengthy note detailing our adventures thus far, or someone is going to have to tell him what's happened to us.
I don't fully understand it myself. After all, Alex has his half of the story. And according to him, my perception of time as Fox/Todd has been entirely skewed.

I do know the origin of it all though, thanks to Alexander. One of us (possibly myself) spawned it in Samantha's dreams. In truth, she only got the middle of it all. She's missing the beginning and the end.

Alex or myself can tell you soon enough. Right now I need to go to Aiden's and wait for him while I think I've regained the ability to parallel walk.

...It's good to be back. Even if I'm sharing my brain with someone that is apparently my former self.

This will never not be confusing. For either of us...

Monday, May 30, 2011

Heheheh...apologies, my dears.

Did I say I was going to give him back soon?

Oh. I lied.

We're just having oh so much fun here, Foxxie and I. He insisted that I learn his...wonderful songs but I quite simply had to refuse.

He shouldn't be singing to anyone anytime soon.

As for Alexander and Lance...well that's quite a mystery isn't it? And such a nuisance too. It appears I have something else to clean up...

Oh, and Samantha, dear? Stop dreaming. It's bad for your health.

Ta-ta, for now.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm her i'm here i'm hre I'm here and i'm okay mostly okay

hurt a lot can't cover rough sleeping sleeping hard difficult
words joce used math use words

fire inferno blaze ember spark nononononononnonnonono

wind cyclone tornado twister gale wind

its very windy

i am not near home at all at all
You're such a pretty thinghome is home is
To be running from anyonehome is with the other animals in the forest and
Lonely, lonely little lifemy name is not Reynard

My name is Todd, thank you very much. Let. Go. Of. My. Head.

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thats not n a effective wya tk,gmn aenmg  to type

Mis wollf

Show them all you're not the ordinary type.


Monday, April 25, 2011

Well well well...

What have we here?

Thought you could hide this from me, hm?

Oh, my dear Foxxie. I'm much smarter than I look. I knew you were planning something. In fact, it would be a rather curious thing if you had not shown.

I was not expecting the girl to be in tow. It's quite frustrating you let her get away before I could exami-

Oh. Ohohohoho! She's your friend isn't she?

Quit whining, traitor. You disgusting, vulpine filth.

I think our Master would like to see you...

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Leaving soon

I haven't spoken much here. Funny that my latest post will be a goodbye.

Only temporarily though, I assure you. We'll be back in the morning.

I can't really tell you much more than Branwen already has. Although...

Aiden. There is nothing you can do to persuade her out of this. I've already tried. There's a part of me that is disgusted with the fact that I'm letting her go...
And another part that understands. You would too, if we could tell you before hand. You would probably still be angry, but at least you would know why we're doing this.

You'll know tomorrow morning.

And I'll have you know, I also have a terrible feeling about this. But anything to do with It lately gives me those feelings. If any harm comes to us during The Event, I'll be sure to take all the blows.

And you can release your frustration on me when we get back.

Thursday, April 14, 2011


From the lacerations.
From the bites. head. Oh god my head why are there so many images I remember but I don't remember...

Have you ever been in the crossfire in a fight between two friends? I imagine that's how Crow must have felt.
"Crow, don't help Rat!"
"Crow! You imbecile! Kill the coward!"
"Crow! No!"
That in conjunction with the fact that he can't think for himself all that well...

Crow I'm so sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry...

Hold out, Crow. Just a little longer. We have Raven on this side.

I understand now. I understand why Aiden can hear the crows and why he can speak to the crows and it's because Crow can speak to the crows because The Master The Dark One speaks to the crows but I can't understand the crows. I can understand Crow.

Rat doesn't understand the crows. Rat's a wanker.

I need to hide here. I need to hide with Aiden.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Missing Dog

He's been found.

I don't think I have ever seen Branwen this hysterical. Not even when we first started stalking around her and the others. She cried before. Out of fear. And for the four she feels she's responsible for keeping safe and the others she's helpless to physically aid.

She has never done this. And over an animal that wasn't even hers.

Luckily her father came home about ten minutes after her post, just in time to meet the police and make sure Branwen didn't hurt herself with the shotgun.

I think it's my responsibility to investigate this. I'm sure we all know the police aren't actually going to get anywhere.

I'll return when I have news.

Happy Birthday, Miss Wolf. I'm truly sorry he did this...

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I have to say...

...everyone being in one place is certainly less physically exhausting for me.

I am entirely amused that me sighing and "facepalming" set Branwen off like a hyena. I honestly have no idea why both she and Casey do that. Women...

Yes...that sounds like something I would say...doesn't it?

I should stop thinking about that. It causes migraines...

I suppose I should have my thoughts directed elsewhere since we have a new member in the...proxy party.

Welcome to the show, Taben. I certainly hope it is more enjoyable for you than it was for me before recent events.


I am unsure if I am invited to this. I will stay out of it for now. It may be best for the younger ones if I am not there.

Aiden, you know how to get ahold of me.

For now, I'll just sit here with Crow.

Each encounter...

Something is triggering my head. I think. I don't know if they are real.

Crow is familiar.

Crow and I were friends.

Something hurt Crow.

I am going to stay with him for the time being. We'll talk. He may not seem all that coherent to any of you lot, but you get used to it. He makes more sense over time.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mission Complete?

That took far longer than I had expected.

But I found it for you, Kelly. Let me know when to deliver it.

The...sparring match certainly did not help.

Note to Self: In the future, remember that Rat has probably been charged with guarding whatever object it is you are looking for.

He also does not fight fair.

But fists beat tooth and nail, my friend. Your injuries have probably already been healed. However I am still left with the satisfaction of having beaten you.

Speaking of injuries, Branwen insisted on treating mine. Yes, peroxide still burns.


The trouble with him...Crow is...Crow is loyal to whoever is commanding him to do something. Loyal to Rat and The Dark One (I prefer that name...I think) because they are domineering. Loyal to me...because I am his friend.

We were friends. I think. Something about that venture seems to have triggered...something...

I will continue thinking on it.


Leaving the stick with him was horribly dangerous and stupid, I know. At any point, Rat or The Dark One could have come in and demanded he give it back. And he would comply, because that is all Crow knows to do.

It's not his fault, really. He was...damaged.

Apparently the worst did not happen, and the stick was delivered to Samantha as instructed. Actually, he was supposed to give it to any of them, Branwen was emphasized and preferred. It seems he has a special attachment to you, Samantha.


Branwen is insisting I watch this show. I am rather curious about it anyways. And about her complete fascination with it.

Good bye for now.

Monday, April 4, 2011

How in the hells did I ever operate under this much pressure before...

Aiden, you impulsive...

I have to make this quick.

I've a...twig to locate.

Branwen and team. Stay inside. Do not let your guard down. I could ask Crow to keep watch, but with how easily swayed he is...

That would be hazardous.

Right. Time to continue looking now.

EDIT: Apparently he is back. That's one less thing to worry about while I'm out here.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Realization right.

I've decided to start calling them their real names.

After all, you've been kind enough to give me one of my own.

I am tired. Parts of my body hurt from running. They hurt more because of the "talk" I had with Crow than anything, but we'll talk about that later.

I'm slowly, but surely, needing food. Luckily there is plenty in this house. And there is more at Aiden's.

Starving is the least of my concerns.

My power is at the top of that list though. I think...that I've just lost some of the perks of being part of It's violent, murderous army.

Fine. It can keep them.


I went to go find him after we solved the Aiden mystery. To ask why I've been seeing his birds.

Crow isn't all there. He's hardly there at all. He knows what he's been told and he does as he is told.

That being said, I suppose his response to me after It having been around was entirely expected.

It just wasn't appreciated.

To cut a needlessly long story short, I never actually got any answers. Just a shrieking, flailing boy and the talons and beaks of a countless number of birds.

This jacket has no hope of being saved.

I think I've been able to deduce what exactly has been going on with Crow anyhow. More on that later.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mad House

I am not entirely sure what I came up here to do.

I would assume that Aiden called me for more questions.

When I arrived, the other Hatchling and his friend were sitting outside in the snow. Angrily.
Aiden was trying to contain himself.

Roughly a few hours later, chaos erupts with the child.
Taben is trying to control him, as is Taben's husband.
Aiden is now past his breaking point.

I am standing in the middle of this, completely unsure of what to do. Part of me is wondering why something isn't also on fire.

I've come to the conclusion that Brennon is the sanest person in this household.

As I'm sure you're well aware, Aiden went for a walk. I've been asked to look for him.

This I will do. However, I think I may spend my night in the Wolf's basement afterwards instead. It is a  non-trespasser zone after the witching hour.

It's funny. The connection drawn with darkness and evil.

I quite like the basement. The dark is a blanket. And it's warm down there.

I suppose I should quit rambling now. Off to find Aiden...his thoughts are making this difficult.

Please be more coherent, Mr. Clarke.

I hate to say I told you so...

Ha! Ahahahahaha!

It's not funny, I know. But you were so insistent this wouldn't happen again. "It all melted."


Let this be a lesson, love. Sometimes the proxies know things. Granted, it may all melt tomorrow or the next day. But my point has been proven.

I am going back and forth between here and Aiden's today. Apparently I'm wanted back up there. So I guess I will be leaving shortly.

I saw a few more of Crow's pets today. Normally this would not be noteworthy. I used to see them constantly.

Now I'm seeing them in numbers as well.

Two yesterday. Three today.

Mirth. And a wedding.

Team of fighters, take that how you will. Just note that they are rarely good omens.

Wolf, expect your Owl to have sporadic attendance. It will happen soon. When it does, we may act. In the mean time, stop worrying yourself. You have enough to take care of. She is your friend, but there is nothing that can be done right now without dangerously tipping the scales.

I will fix it.

Now...what am I supposed to do with this box of dinosaur shaped pasta?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


He had better learn to manage his pets.

I had actually planned on trying to eat that sandwich.

Nothing of major importance is occurring here. I suppose now would be a good time to meet with Aiden. The Wolf knows self defense. The Raven has weapons. And I hear it's the Lioness's birthday.

Crow has proven to be utterly confused by recent events. He follows me more closely, however. I do not fear losing him to It.

Or Thing. That one amuses me.

After checking, it seems Aiden was too busy to make it to the meeting point. I suppose I'll just camp in their house.

Monday, March 28, 2011


If you've seen the post at Clockwork Crow, then I need not explain what happened last night.

It wasn't very...important? Momentous? Significant.

It was not significant.

All you need to know is that Rat will stay away for the time being. And if he is as intelligent as he boasts to be, he'll heed that order.

Now then.

The Wolf challenges me to profile her. You want to see what I have learned?

- You hold a great number of inanimate objects near to you, for one sentimental reason or another. You are almost constantly wearing that coin around your neck. It is important to you.
- In essence, some of these objects make up who you are. You feel you've placed some of your being into them, and therefore have a very hard time letting them go. Again, the coin. Also, a specific pair of shoes. Those stuffed animals of yours also seem to hold significance.
- You do the exact same thing with your artwork, which is curious, I think. I've looked at some of your characters and their history. Some are from old games you played with others years ago. And you still have them in use because you feel they are a part of you. Like this Remy fellow. I like him. I must commend you on his development.
- You are easily frustrated by the combination of your parents and technology. This is hilarious from a bystander perspective.
- You get especially attached to fictional characters in the same way as the above items.
- You are absolutely terrified of shouting and any form of aggression or intimidation when coming from a dominant party.
- Along the same lines, it makes you physically ill if this occurs between your parents or to you.
- On the other hand, if the aggressor is lesser than you, you will not hesitate to verbally crush them. You rarely raise your voice, though.
- The only reason there are not really any posts of you expressing fear or terror is because of the existence of the backspace button.
- You hold pride in what you say. You can't look at something you've written that makes you feel disgusted with yourself.
- You've not had much in the way of nightmares lately. You've realized you've not dreamt either. This scares you and is a nightmare in itself.
- You are horribly indecisive, requiring a co-leader to help you make decisions for a team. This is part of why you and your friend the Lioness work so well. You hold the thoughts, the information. She takes it and helps to create a plan.
- You have a memory that is borderline eidetic, providing you aren't sick or on medication. If you could replace the almost useless bits of information you have with important facts and data, you could almost be a female Tesla.
- You hold attachments to the numbers 3 and 5. You were unintentionally and intentionally (respectively) emulating obsessive compulsive behavior in a favorite character and a personal idol. Both of these developed into habits. The dishwasher, for example.
- You refuse to have much to do with fruit. You cannot ingest it and the smell and stickiness disgusts you.
- Regarding this, you are a very hygienic person and can rarely deal with feeling dirty.
- You hesitate to call yourself Catholic, as you are very lax in the practice. However, this is part of what makes you very easy to get along with. You may just be a logical person.
- You are simultaneously highly organized and disorganized. Small details of your home are carefully preened. The dishwasher, the bathroom counter, wherever you place your school supplies. Larger areas are not. Your room, the basement. It bothers you to think of how disorganized they are.
- You fear there is something wrong with your emotions, as you fail to react properly at times. This may hurt you at times, but the desensitization of your sense of fear will help you greatly.
- Your prefer pups and other animals to children, though there are a select few you can handle.
- You love names. Names are special to you. It may take you days to name a character until you can find just the right one that fits.
- The news depresses you. You will turn on your favorite crime dramas to avoid the stories. You've only recently realized just how flawed this logic is.
- Ace is one of your most favorite things in existence. You may not talk about him much here, but you are clearly close with him. He behaves as a sort of makeshift baby sitter. He is almost constantly by your side. You attempt to have conversations with him though he doesn't understand you and you don't understand him.

I will stop here. Satisfied?

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I think...

That it may be best to move my communications here. It's getting quite a bit crowded over at the Clockwork Crow, yes?

Though I do think I will continue editing in my two-cents when I deem necessary.


My name is Fox. At least that is what I've been called. I have never had a name before then...

I don't think I did. I wouldn't remember anyways, I suppose.

I hear there is a Rat amongst us. Believe me I am ready to pounce on that lunatic vermin...

And here is my informant. Oh Rat. I'm going to find you soon.

I'm going to find you because a little birdy will tell me.