Saturday, July 23, 2011


I've never told everyone the whole thing did I? How it all started. At least I didn't say here.

It wasn't that long ago. Maybe only a year and a half...two years ago...I think. Not as long as Todd thinks. Of course, Todd also thinks we're supposed to be British, and that's why he sounds the way he does. I hate to break it to him, but I'm a Euro mutt like most other Caucasians in this country. And I'm not from Britain. I'm from fucking Montana.

And that sort of explains why this happened. Sort of.

There's nothing to do in rural Montana, you see.

Jared, Lance, and I...we saw this thing on the internet, like most of you people. We thought it was cool. We used to pretend it was all really happening, you know...freak each other out. We didn't think anything would actually happen. Lance was probably the first to realize we were wrong.

He started acting weird about a month in. At first we thought that maybe he was just getting a little more into it than either of us. And then I saw all of his notebooks and everything he'd been doing in his free time. He said he was being stalked by the faceless guy, that he had these awful nightmares and that he'd see him outside his window. I didn't believe him, but I didn't fully doubt him either. And that doubt led to me seeing...Him. It.


As it turned out, Jared had always secretly believed as well. I should have known at that point what would happen to my friends.

Jared was always more outgoing than us. He was more the athlete, the leader type. I was just an average kid. Lance was shy. His insecurity made his sanity slip. But he opened up to me. We were best friends. As long as we were together, he was okay. Jared was kind of arrogant. And he started being more...bossy.
Me...I was just scared. I wanted to protect Lance, and I obeyed Jared to prevent him from doing anything brash. I was trying to hold everyone together and I guess...I guess that's why I feel like me and Branwen...we're a lot alike. Brother and sister, almost.

There was a night when the Thing came to us. It said that if we served It, It would end our torment. It told Jared he could be more powerful. Lance was promised sanity and peace of mind. I was told I could save others. I didn't believe It.

Come to think of it, I'm not entirely sure it was It...Thing. But to me it doesn't make a difference. Slenderman in all its forms is dark. Bad. And I don't trust any of Them.

We did it anyway.

In that Sammi's dream...which I think...I might have been telling her...we were walking across the field to the forest that It/Thing/He specified. I was talking to Lance, telling him it'd be okay. Jared was trying to get us to hurry up. We got to the edge. Everything went red and black. I remember Jared laughing and Lance screaming in pain. And then I was out.

I woke up to an odd name being called. It wasn't my name, but I knew I was supposed to respond to it...somehow. When I was fully conscious, I realized my friends weren't my friends anymore. They were different people. I was supposed to be different as well. And I think something in the back of my mind told me I would collapse eventually. So I assumed a new identity to cover for my real one. And then I became that person.

I would then be named Fox. At some point upon meeting Branwen, I must have questioned what I was really doing. Something about interacting with her and her crew triggered my real identity.

And then I switched sides and I was called Todd.

And now...I'm Alexander again. Just...Alex. Alone.

Jared's arrogance is more than likely what got him killed.

And Lance...god...I wanted to save him and try to bring him back was probably too late...I just hope Taben didn't make him suffer long.

That's my story. Our story. I need to go to bed so Todd can get up and cover our ass if we get attacked.

...good night. Stay safe, everyone.


  1. We'll keep you safe. Just.. hang in there. I wish Todd was around more so I could talk to him more. If I could just stretch into him.. or even you, what I've given to Malkin. And then Malkin and Todd can work together to help you learn. We need all the help we can get right now. We're... We're going to war. Plain and simple.

    Thank you for sharing your story. I do appreciate it.

  2. I was wondering when he would share it. I would have typed it all out for him, but it's not my story to tell.

    I think...I think that Alex has trouble learning because he is afraid. If you take the time to think about it, our powers are connected to negativity, to Them. Even if we do not use them as such, that is how they are seen. I think that scares him.

    And until he stops being afraid of it all, he won't be able to fully comprehend. He can barely communicate telepathically, and that's only some of the time.

    Still, it's a start. We need to get my other half, or the original me I should say, to open up to all of this.