Friday, June 17, 2011


I remember once hearing a story while I was staying with Branwen all those weeks ago. Her television was on. It was a story of a woman whose house was overrun with Rat rats.

They simply could not get rid of him them. They had to leave.

I couldn't get him off of me. So I left.

I believe...I believe he was supposed to strip me of my status. And also to reduce me back to Alexander. All he really managed to do was wake Alex up. Which, in itself, has caused plenty of confusion for both of us. I woke up as me today, as the pattern dictates and as I should. I think I've re-established my connection to Aiden. Now to learn to walk again.

Alex and I are the same person, and therefore should be able to do the same things. Theoretically...I would think. I don't have time to teach him how, and trying to talk to him while he's awake is tiresome for me and painful for him. Either I'm going to have to write him a lengthy note detailing our adventures thus far, or someone is going to have to tell him what's happened to us.
I don't fully understand it myself. After all, Alex has his half of the story. And according to him, my perception of time as Fox/Todd has been entirely skewed.

I do know the origin of it all though, thanks to Alexander. One of us (possibly myself) spawned it in Samantha's dreams. In truth, she only got the middle of it all. She's missing the beginning and the end.

Alex or myself can tell you soon enough. Right now I need to go to Aiden's and wait for him while I think I've regained the ability to parallel walk.

...It's good to be back. Even if I'm sharing my brain with someone that is apparently my former self.

This will never not be confusing. For either of us...