Thursday, April 14, 2011


From the lacerations.
From the bites. head. Oh god my head why are there so many images I remember but I don't remember...

Have you ever been in the crossfire in a fight between two friends? I imagine that's how Crow must have felt.
"Crow, don't help Rat!"
"Crow! You imbecile! Kill the coward!"
"Crow! No!"
That in conjunction with the fact that he can't think for himself all that well...

Crow I'm so sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry...

Hold out, Crow. Just a little longer. We have Raven on this side.

I understand now. I understand why Aiden can hear the crows and why he can speak to the crows and it's because Crow can speak to the crows because The Master The Dark One speaks to the crows but I can't understand the crows. I can understand Crow.

Rat doesn't understand the crows. Rat's a wanker.

I need to hide here. I need to hide with Aiden.

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