Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mission Complete?

That took far longer than I had expected.

But I found it for you, Kelly. Let me know when to deliver it.

The...sparring match certainly did not help.

Note to Self: In the future, remember that Rat has probably been charged with guarding whatever object it is you are looking for.

He also does not fight fair.

But fists beat tooth and nail, my friend. Your injuries have probably already been healed. However I am still left with the satisfaction of having beaten you.

Speaking of injuries, Branwen insisted on treating mine. Yes, peroxide still burns.


The trouble with him...Crow is...Crow is loyal to whoever is commanding him to do something. Loyal to Rat and The Dark One (I prefer that name...I think) because they are domineering. Loyal to me...because I am his friend.

We were friends. I think. Something about that venture seems to have triggered...something...

I will continue thinking on it.


Leaving the stick with him was horribly dangerous and stupid, I know. At any point, Rat or The Dark One could have come in and demanded he give it back. And he would comply, because that is all Crow knows to do.

It's not his fault, really. He was...damaged.

Apparently the worst did not happen, and the stick was delivered to Samantha as instructed. Actually, he was supposed to give it to any of them, Branwen was emphasized and preferred. It seems he has a special attachment to you, Samantha.


Branwen is insisting I watch this show. I am rather curious about it anyways. And about her complete fascination with it.

Good bye for now.

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