Monday, April 4, 2011

How in the hells did I ever operate under this much pressure before...

Aiden, you impulsive...

I have to make this quick.

I've a...twig to locate.

Branwen and team. Stay inside. Do not let your guard down. I could ask Crow to keep watch, but with how easily swayed he is...

That would be hazardous.

Right. Time to continue looking now.

EDIT: Apparently he is back. That's one less thing to worry about while I'm out here.


  1. would you chill... I was brought back.... like an hour ago... Excuse me for wanting to kill the mother fucking bastard that burned my parents alive nad had th fucking gall to call us so we could fucking hear it!

  2. I don't recall ever coming off as being that frustrated with you, despite the fact that I was annoyed. Calm down.

    It would be helpful to be able to hear you, but I assume that would be It blocking off my senses...

    ...I think I've got a lead.

  3. that explains why I can't hear or feel you then...

    sorry i'm just... on edge. It's hard to read meaning through text and I can't help I can't read you. I need to practice, get stronger and make it so it can't block us.