Thursday, March 31, 2011

Realization right.

I've decided to start calling them their real names.

After all, you've been kind enough to give me one of my own.

I am tired. Parts of my body hurt from running. They hurt more because of the "talk" I had with Crow than anything, but we'll talk about that later.

I'm slowly, but surely, needing food. Luckily there is plenty in this house. And there is more at Aiden's.

Starving is the least of my concerns.

My power is at the top of that list though. I think...that I've just lost some of the perks of being part of It's violent, murderous army.

Fine. It can keep them.


I went to go find him after we solved the Aiden mystery. To ask why I've been seeing his birds.

Crow isn't all there. He's hardly there at all. He knows what he's been told and he does as he is told.

That being said, I suppose his response to me after It having been around was entirely expected.

It just wasn't appreciated.

To cut a needlessly long story short, I never actually got any answers. Just a shrieking, flailing boy and the talons and beaks of a countless number of birds.

This jacket has no hope of being saved.

I think I've been able to deduce what exactly has been going on with Crow anyhow. More on that later.


  1. Just keep in mind, it may be hard for Bran to explain why their food is disappearing so quickly. It might tip her parents off to something being up. not to mention what if someone accidentally found you.

    We have siz rooms here. only four of those are currently being used.

    And I guess this is more reason for me to start learning. Right? The more I learn the more you can do, right? Only as strong as your boss. Right?

  2. I've only eaten three things from this house.

    I never got to have that sandwich.

    Nonetheless, I will be going back and forth between residences. I suppose I should be eating there instead. That would safer.

    And that is an interesting theory. We will try it. What is next for you to learn?

    (And Miss Whelan would get to keep her soup.


  3. I don't know. Depends on what Da says I need to learn. He wants to turn mr into a tentaclem onster. I'm not sure if I'm ready for that though. Oh shapeshifting is another thing... though that may be part of the tentacle thing. I need to learn to telepot. to be honest escaping from the hospital was... uhm.. an accident....