Monday, March 28, 2011


If you've seen the post at Clockwork Crow, then I need not explain what happened last night.

It wasn't very...important? Momentous? Significant.

It was not significant.

All you need to know is that Rat will stay away for the time being. And if he is as intelligent as he boasts to be, he'll heed that order.

Now then.

The Wolf challenges me to profile her. You want to see what I have learned?

- You hold a great number of inanimate objects near to you, for one sentimental reason or another. You are almost constantly wearing that coin around your neck. It is important to you.
- In essence, some of these objects make up who you are. You feel you've placed some of your being into them, and therefore have a very hard time letting them go. Again, the coin. Also, a specific pair of shoes. Those stuffed animals of yours also seem to hold significance.
- You do the exact same thing with your artwork, which is curious, I think. I've looked at some of your characters and their history. Some are from old games you played with others years ago. And you still have them in use because you feel they are a part of you. Like this Remy fellow. I like him. I must commend you on his development.
- You are easily frustrated by the combination of your parents and technology. This is hilarious from a bystander perspective.
- You get especially attached to fictional characters in the same way as the above items.
- You are absolutely terrified of shouting and any form of aggression or intimidation when coming from a dominant party.
- Along the same lines, it makes you physically ill if this occurs between your parents or to you.
- On the other hand, if the aggressor is lesser than you, you will not hesitate to verbally crush them. You rarely raise your voice, though.
- The only reason there are not really any posts of you expressing fear or terror is because of the existence of the backspace button.
- You hold pride in what you say. You can't look at something you've written that makes you feel disgusted with yourself.
- You've not had much in the way of nightmares lately. You've realized you've not dreamt either. This scares you and is a nightmare in itself.
- You are horribly indecisive, requiring a co-leader to help you make decisions for a team. This is part of why you and your friend the Lioness work so well. You hold the thoughts, the information. She takes it and helps to create a plan.
- You have a memory that is borderline eidetic, providing you aren't sick or on medication. If you could replace the almost useless bits of information you have with important facts and data, you could almost be a female Tesla.
- You hold attachments to the numbers 3 and 5. You were unintentionally and intentionally (respectively) emulating obsessive compulsive behavior in a favorite character and a personal idol. Both of these developed into habits. The dishwasher, for example.
- You refuse to have much to do with fruit. You cannot ingest it and the smell and stickiness disgusts you.
- Regarding this, you are a very hygienic person and can rarely deal with feeling dirty.
- You hesitate to call yourself Catholic, as you are very lax in the practice. However, this is part of what makes you very easy to get along with. You may just be a logical person.
- You are simultaneously highly organized and disorganized. Small details of your home are carefully preened. The dishwasher, the bathroom counter, wherever you place your school supplies. Larger areas are not. Your room, the basement. It bothers you to think of how disorganized they are.
- You fear there is something wrong with your emotions, as you fail to react properly at times. This may hurt you at times, but the desensitization of your sense of fear will help you greatly.
- Your prefer pups and other animals to children, though there are a select few you can handle.
- You love names. Names are special to you. It may take you days to name a character until you can find just the right one that fits.
- The news depresses you. You will turn on your favorite crime dramas to avoid the stories. You've only recently realized just how flawed this logic is.
- Ace is one of your most favorite things in existence. You may not talk about him much here, but you are clearly close with him. He behaves as a sort of makeshift baby sitter. He is almost constantly by your side. You attempt to have conversations with him though he doesn't understand you and you don't understand him.

I will stop here. Satisfied?


  1. Yes, thank you Agent Hotchner. Or Gideon.

    Or maybe Doctor Reid?

    I've gotta say. That's impressive.

    ~ Branwen

  2. ....did you just call him Doctor Reid? Seriously? I can't stop laughing.

  3. I can't pick. >:l

    Don't make fun of me. I'm indecisive, remember? No you're not a Spencer Reid at all.

    You're not Morgan either.

    OH! I know! I know! Completely different show and wrong unit BUUUUUT!

    ZACK. You are Zack. :D

    ~ Branwen

  4. Oh, well there you go. ruining my fun. I was thinking od a different Reid... from a differnt show.. hence my amusement.

    An it's alright to be indecisive. Better to be indecisive than impulsive, is it not?

  5. to understand any of this.

  6. It's probably better that way.

  7. You are quite observant, and deductive, Todd. I'm very impressed!

  8. Thank you for the compliments.