Tuesday, March 29, 2011


He had better learn to manage his pets.

I had actually planned on trying to eat that sandwich.

Nothing of major importance is occurring here. I suppose now would be a good time to meet with Aiden. The Wolf knows self defense. The Raven has weapons. And I hear it's the Lioness's birthday.

Crow has proven to be utterly confused by recent events. He follows me more closely, however. I do not fear losing him to It.

Or Thing. That one amuses me.

After checking, it seems Aiden was too busy to make it to the meeting point. I suppose I'll just camp in their house.


  1. When do you plan on being here? I want to....

    ...oh... alright then.... nevermind...

  2. Call it Thing, Thing is good.

  3. Wait, can you remind me who you're referring to when you say Wolf and Lioness...?

  4. The Wolf would be Branwen. The Lioness, or Cat, is her friend Casey.

  5. RIGHT! I knew that.

    And. Wait, what about the Raven?

  6. The Raven is Sammi.

    Like Odin's ravens.

    ~ Branwen

  7. Ah. Okay. I'll stop spamming your blog, now, Todd. Hehe.