Saturday, April 9, 2011

I have to say...

...everyone being in one place is certainly less physically exhausting for me.

I am entirely amused that me sighing and "facepalming" set Branwen off like a hyena. I honestly have no idea why both she and Casey do that. Women...

Yes...that sounds like something I would say...doesn't it?

I should stop thinking about that. It causes migraines...

I suppose I should have my thoughts directed elsewhere since we have a new member in the...proxy party.

Welcome to the show, Taben. I certainly hope it is more enjoyable for you than it was for me before recent events.


  1. Eh...? I dunno. I really don't like the word proxy. sounds too.... fake and stuff.

    Oh, also I'm gonna need help with this learning stuff and... stuff. You're more experienced in that field so I'm asking you.

  2. Alright. When would you like to start?

  3. ...I have no clue... I don't even know what to expect... when do you start getting used to this crap?

    ahahahahahaha! XD Captcha captures it perfectly "sonewb"

  4. He's starting today. I don't want you to hav to take time away from watching the others so teach him what you can today before they leave. You guys can contiue next weekend when all of you come back up for the party.

    In the mean time I'll tru and practice and train myself and see if I can use what I know to teach him what he needs to know.