Wednesday, May 4, 2011


I'm her i'm here i'm hre I'm here and i'm okay mostly okay

hurt a lot can't cover rough sleeping sleeping hard difficult
words joce used math use words

fire inferno blaze ember spark nononononononnonnonono

wind cyclone tornado twister gale wind

its very windy

i am not near home at all at all
You're such a pretty thinghome is home is
To be running from anyonehome is with the other animals in the forest and
Lonely, lonely little lifemy name is not Reynard

My name is Todd, thank you very much. Let. Go. Of. My. Head.

clghadkkkkkle;kkkkkkkkllllllllllllllllllllllljbssssshdvfrbsrf bvdthgn


thats not n a effective wya tk,gmn aenmg  to type

Mis wollf

Show them all you're not the ordinary type.



  1. You never cease to be snarky and a pain in the ass to whoever you're with, do you?
    Were you typing with your face? Or was someone else trying to?

    It looks like you're okay...keep holding out.

    Did you mean to leave me a message?

    ~ Branwen

  2. He would hope, for his sake, that he didn't.

    Such an annoyance. Escaping your bounds like that.

    And look. You've made the keys bloody.


    What would Miss Clean-and-Tidy Wolf think?

  3. ...You really beat his face off the keyboard. Sounds like somebody has some anger issues.

    I'm almost done with your ridiculous monologue. What is it with you stereotypical villains and your need to babble incessantly?
    At least I do it with the intent of being amusing.

    And also, my room is sanctuary. Now that it's. neat. and. tidy. Cleaning is much better than flailing around like an idiot when frustrated, I think.

    Todd, I'm taking wind as a clue. And I understand. I'm definitely not ordinary. Thank you. Keep fighting.

    ~ Branwen

  4. It's a narcissistic thing with them. The love hearing themselves talk. And don't realize we don't give a flying fuck.

  5. I'm afraid I don't follow, little lady.

    Anger issues? Why, if you were keeping a prisoner and he were to suddenly weasel his way to make a cry for help, what would you have done?

    Which one of us brought the blade, lupine? left clues...I certainly hope I do not have to relocate you, red tail. You are quite enough of a pain as it is.

  6. Ohohohohoho...and the Tiger decides to make an appearance.

    How are things after your little romp in the woods?

  7. Ugh Gods fucking dammit.... Don't make me come back there and beat the living shit out of you... I can ask Da. He'd ake me to you. I want to stab and beat and KILL. Leave Todd alone! Gods dammit. Todd hang in.

    You keep singin' man. keep singin. I'm gonna save you. I swear it I'll get you out of there.

  8. Ugh, no. Don't encourage him. I don't think I can handle much more of the singing.

  9. Yes, I've broken out of my protective shell. You git.

    And things are going fine, perfectly fine. You should be sure to tell your scumbag of a master that we're finding his sticks. He needs to stop leaving them where I can find them so easily.

  10. Singing is good for the soul. It sets you free.

    "Hey! Hey! We are a hurricane!
    Drop our anchors in the storm.
    Hey! They will never be the same,
    Fighting abreast to keep us warm.
    Cause they know, I know
    That they don't look like me.
    Oh, they know, I know
    That they don't sound like me."

  11. Oh Christ no. That's one of his favorites.

    If I were allowed to mute him, I would. And if I could stop you from destroying our sticks, you clumsy cat...but unfortunately that's not my job anymore.

  12. It appears I am being called away by the mistress.

    I am quite enamored with how well The Morrigan has turned out.
    I also don't have that bloody bird squawking around me constantly.

    I will toy with you later.

  13. He has good taste then.

    Like you believe in Christ. You know you'll go strait to hell when you die. Though, Hell will probably be better than where you are now.

    Go ahead and go play Ratty. Just a heads up that this cat never truly goes away.

  14. Yes! Sing, Todd! Sing!

    If that's what's keeping you in there and relatively safe, keep it up.

    The vermin's just mad he doesn't sound as pretty as you do.

    Oh, and the sword? Are you really going to blame me for being prepared?
    I would also definitely not bash a person's face into a keyboard. That's just...

    Barbaric. And stupid.

    ~ Branwen

  15. There IS a hidden message...four, actually.

    "You're such a pretty thing"
    "To be running from anyone"
    "Lonely, lonely little life"
    "Show them all you're not the ordinary type."

    Does anyone recognize that...?

  16. Yeah, I found it. I didn't want tip off Rat, but he's not that dumb so he probably already figured it out himself. But that's what I meant when I said "I'm definitely not ordinary."

    They're lines from Panic!'s Vices & Virtues album. The one I was teaching Todd. It's probably his most favorite thing to sing.

    Specifically, each song is "Ready To Go", "Always", and "Let's Kill Tonight".

    He's definitely implying something.

    ~ Branwen