Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I still feel like a Hero

Which I guess is the entire reason Branwen's been staying close to me ever since Taben's weird ass comment.
Getting seriously threatened with being cannibalized is probably enough to do that to most people.
Casey said she's also a fierce cat, and the Tiger's going to have to battle the Lioness.

And now we're all happyhappy pretend that comment was never made because it was fucking scary. We're at a rest stop. I just chased a butterfly for about half an hour after waking up from a nap. I forgot that if I'm Alex I'll be Todd and if I'm Todd I'll be Alex. (It is really weird living with a whole other identity, do not let my calmness fool you.)
I think Todd was giving them all traveling strategies. He also did that before we left. We went farther north from Aiden's, and then west. We might go south now. I was told not to give specific locations.

Did you ever know what stupid fun it is chasing a butterfly?

What the hell am I supposed to be talking about?


It was scary. It was me and Aiden and Malkin and Chastin. We were walking through the forest. Aiden was being really serious but also spazzy, Malkin was doting over Chas and Chas was complaining about it and sometimes Aiden would be like, "Holy fuck guys shut up."

I was kind of on my own in a way. I was trying to concentrate and relax at the same time. I kept harassing Todd, which really really really hurts my head but I needed to ask him what to do. All I know is that I can sort of hear telepathically and that's only sometimes. So I tried to just focus on that. It could be important and really useful.

Next thing I know, a string of, "fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckgoddammitwhatthehellTabenfuckwheredidyouputhim" went flying through my mind. It was not my mental voice. Nor was it Todd's faux British.

A glance to my right, and Aiden was pushing the underbrush angrily, chewing his lip, tentacles threatening to flail out.

"Good thing there aren't any kiddies around," I thought.

"Shut the fuck up!" Aiden's voice shot back through my head. I stopped. And then he stopped walking because I stopped walking. We looked at each other for a few seconds before he said, "Was that you?"

And I replied, "Uhm...I think so. Did it sound like someone being a smartass?"


"Then it was me," I smirked. Aiden laughed a little.

"Gods. I'm sorry I yelled at you. It's just...I'm so..."

"I know, I was trying to practice and just seeing if it worked and I guess it does."

"Good. See if you can 'hear' anyone else," he said, going back to tromping through the weeds.

I must have calmed him down a bit, because there was much less of a threatening aura around him. That is until we heard the screams. You didn't need to be a telepath to hear that.

And then the tentacles weren't threatening to come back out. They did. Aiden was moving through the forest as fast as he could on them. And that reminded me...

A proxy, or the specific kind Todd was...Agent? Yeah, that's it. An Agent has several methods of moving through the world the way Slenderman does. The Path is one of them. The other is parallel walking, which is done by stepping into a dimension just outside of reality so that you may move through space without being seen. It's also a lot quicker, but it hurts ordinary humans. That's how Todd and Ja...uhm...Rat and Crow moved.
I imagine other types of proxies can do the same thing, but possibly less deliberately. I don't know. The mechanics of all of this stuff will never make sense to me.

Anyways, parallel walking sounds easy enough until you actually try to do it. It's like something you can't think about. You just do it.

Which I guess is how I ended up actually doing it.

All I know is that I had to get to Brennon and I needed to move as fast as Aiden. I think I ended up going too fast. I was just focusing on moving to the forest that was farther ahead of me, like teleporting to move quicker.

Aiden sounded like he was behind me. And in front of me was growling. And screaming. All I had with me was a baseball bat. So I ran out of the forest into a clearing and well...

I didn't get to see much action. I ran out holding my bat and I guess all I did was startle Taben because he shrieked and ran off. Brennon was tied to a tree naked, a fire burning beneath him.

"He's in this clearing! He's alive! Help me get him down!" I shouted in my head.

Soon enough, Aiden, Malkin, and Chastin were all there. I managed to put out most of the fire. We got Brennon down and got him to a hospital.

And that is the story of me being awesome. It basically means I can use my super powers now. If I think they're super powers, they're less scary.

Ohp...gotta. Casey says if we want to get to the next in time, we better leave now.

Next time you hear from any of us, let's hope it's a good thing.

Bye for now!


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  2. So, are you still feeling like a hero? Bitch. She might have stolen my prey but at least your gloating can be silenced now.